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George is a Washington DC based Marketing & eCommerce professional with a passion for all things related to technology, particularly in the field of eCommerce.

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George feels weird writing about himself in the first-person, so he’s going to stop now.

Hi there, I’m George. I live in Washington DC and work on the Eastern Region Marketing & eCommerce team at Marriott International.

I’ve never been an official Web Designer/Developer or Graphic Designer by trade, but as the son of a programmer I guess it was kind of coded into my DNA. I’ve taken on graphic/web design side projects in pretty much every job I’ve had. It started as a hobby and I like to dabble in the space every now and then so that’s why I built this website. I started a Blog if you want to check it out. You’ll also find my contact information and links to my social profiles on my Contact page.

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by George Enos - updated 02/24/2013